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lala Pictures, Images and Photos Nana suke ati !

korng msti tau knape skrng aq sngt2 snang ati !umf Pictures, Images and Photos . sbb pakwe aq dpt nmber 2 . spe ? aiman la ! spe lagi ? haha ! pasan je lbih aq nie kn ? hahahah ! hepi sngt2 nih ! sbb aiman da improve !this week die lg better than previous week ! ALHAMDULILLAH ! nyanyi lagu BILA CINTA . besh sesangat ! hope next week , aiman bleh jd champion ! hope sngt2 . aiman can do it ! hihi ! aiman mmg the best la ! in love emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos . ntok aiman ! hihi . mcm la c aiman 2 nk tgok blog lapok aq nih ! tp xpela . sori ter-pause kjap ! sbb bz chat ngn bebudak kat aiman fan page ! huhuh . oke la . till here !

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