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I'm Very Sorry ... :'(

ingtkan balek dr asrma dpt happy2 ngn kwn2 ... but , tu sume mimpi aku jerk ... sedeyh an ble ape yg kite nak sngt2 tp kite x dpt ... sory nurul , gka , ayu ... sory sngt2 ... im very2 sorry ... maybe aq x dpt ikot korng ... sbb xde spe nk anta aq .. mak aq blaja then ayh aq kne g PD ape ntah .. tp aq akn usahakan spaye aq bley ikot korng ... aq mmg nk sngt ikot .. for our 2nd gathering .. tp ,, tgok dlu larh !

sory sngt kalo aq x dpt ikott ,,, maybee next tyme aq bleh ikott ... oke ! thumbs up girl .. rilex lha .. kte da jmpe ari tuu kan ? soe , dont worry be happy .. aq tetap syg korng !

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