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WHY ???

aq x dpt ikott kwn2 aq gathering ? mimpi je la aq neyh ... the REAL is aq mmg x bleh ikott diorng .. why ? sbb abg aq nk balek ari khamis tuhh ! soe, my family will take him that THURSDAY .. ptg plakk tuhh ! aq x salah kan sape2 ponn dlm hal neyh .. aq rse aq yg salah ... salah kat kwn2 aq .. sbb x dpt ikott diorng gatheirng .. PADAHAL ! aq da POMISE ngn diorng .. but , i cant go wif them ... very bad news ... scare kbetolan abg aq balek ari khamis tuhh ! soe , aq x boleh salahkan die .. die abg aq .. die lg IMPORTANT than my FRIEND .. sory guys ... x dpt ikott korng ,, korng ponn IMPORTANT jgak ! tp , FAMILY FIRST rite ? soe , i have to follow my mom and dad ... i think ,, gathering kali neyh msti lg GEMPAK ! why ? sbb kali nie ,, lagi rmai bdk2 ikott .. bdk2 ? kwn2 aq lha ! HAHA ,, nk tkar ari jumaat .. tp nurul x angkat fon .. kne minx permission die dlu .. bru bleh ON ari JUMAAT .. oh GOD ! kanpe besar sngt dugaan kaw bagi ... huuhhh ! till here guys ! nite ... nk tido !

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