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ehem .. ehem ...

kaw buad aq mcm org bodoe ! kaw taw tak .. ape yg kaw buad tadi tuhh berdose bsar ! nseb baekk lha aq agree nk kua ngn kaw .. kalo x kaw berdua-duaan ngn jantan xgne tuhh ! sorry to say lha ! aq ckp die x gne sbb aq tkot nti kalo die yg kaw puje2 slalu .. nti naekk lemak tros pecah en DARA kaw tuhh !

guys ,, imagine kan .. bru 13 thn atau lbey dkenali FORM 1 kluar dating ntok kali ke-2 .. oke ,, maybeehalf korng mmg anggap bnde tuu just a NORMAL thing .. okey ! aq paham mmg zaman skrng "CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT BOY" .. and i thing x sume akn anggap bnde tuu btol ! like my prev post .. COUPLE is ZINA rite ? soe , kalo korng x paham ape yg aq ckp an nie .. korng bce la prev post aq ..

kaw taw x .... firstly , aq diajak or di-invite utk GATH ! i very excited to know that ... sbb da lme x jmpe kwn2 .. korng paham en ? i cant wait the tyme to see my friend .. *ohmygodd ! broken english .. lantak lha ! then , aq mandi then tros pkai bju yg suit ntok GATH aq ! then , aq mmg teruja gile babeng nk pegi !!

you lied to me girl !

mmg bdk laki yg 2 org tuu nk ikott ... at last , diorng cancel ... kaw ckp kalo diorng cancel ... just between kte ber-2 je kan .. tp , kaw ckp ngn aq ... 'jgn trkjot eh .. ade someone yg ikott ' i just calm myself .. in my mind , i just thing maybee they will be you georgian friend or maybee ur cousin or any else ' but sume salah ! it is ur BF ! WHAT THE HELL ! i give my MIDDLE FINGER to you .. you know , i very ashamed to him ! dont you know my feeling that time ! u never think bout me ... what type of friend of you ha ? it was my first time i meet with him ! no wonder i will ashamed with him ... but you ignore me .. baekk aq x payah ikott kaw .. tuu da kire korng ber-dating ... SO, kalo aq ade .. da gerenti la die ingt aq nk disturb your wonderful time together rite ?!?! soe , i make my decision to go back earlier than you .. puas aq call my brother utk amekk aq kol 3 ...

p/s :: just think bout others feeling .. SORY BROKEN ENGLISH IN THIS POST ...

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